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I have purchased JBM Coffee and other fine products from D & J Int’l for many, many years and have always been impressed by it’s commitment to quality goods and outstanding customer service.  DandJ is a consistently reliable source for fresh, authentic JBM Coffee and other Jamaican products.  And I’m not easy to please…..  

Larry C, New York, NY, USA

12 oz Blue Mountain Coffee !!

The Great Jamaican Coffee - Blue Mountain Coffee

Not all Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (JBM Coffee) is created equal! To preserve our guarded reputation our Green Beans are cup tested and sampled to ensure they meet the high standards set for 100% JBMC.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

JBM Coffee - Jamaica is home to the most exciting, exotic, exhilarating and aromatic Coffee in the world, second to none as described by the most discriminating coffee lovers the world over. JBM Coffee grows at an altitude between 3500 and 5000 ft on the majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica. It is one of the highest grown coffees in the world. The constant mist and coolness gives the mountains a bluish cast which is where the name of the mountains is derived. The Blue Mountains climb to an altitude of 7402 ft above sea level and it is said that one may see Cuba on a clear day. This lush environment produces a unique coffee taste of boldness, smoothness and richness. To preserve these gifts of nature our coffee is vac packed immediately after roasting to seal in aroma, maintain freshness and extend the life of the coffee. Join our Coffee Club to receive on-going savings.


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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
Our 2 and 4oz JBM Coffee in burlap bags are popularly used as Gift-giving for parties and weddings. As well, we often include these items in gift baskets with our Chocolates and Truffles etc. Our customers may select items to make up a Gourmet Coffee Gift basket.
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