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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is Born

Governor Sir Nicholas Lawes planted arabica seeds and plants on his estate Temple Hall in 1728.  He was able to plant on the hills which were unsuitable for sugar cane production. Two thirds of the island was this type of terrain so large coffee plantings utilized land not previously widely cultivated.
England had high coffee importation duties to encourage tea drinking but these duties were reduced in the 1790's.  The unique flavour of the Jamaican coffee grown on the eastern Blue Mountains (where most of the production was centered) caused a coffee boom.  Production reached 34 million pounds in 1814 and this yearly quantity has not been duplicated since.
Many coffee planters were ruined when trade was disturbed by the British/American war of 1812/1814 and the abolition of slavery in 1838.  Failed plantations were cut up and leased or sold to peasant farmers.
In 1948 the Jamaican Coffee Board was formed to create a system to optimize the growth, processing, grading and exportation of this amazing and unique coffee.
Next time we will talk about modern changes and how Japan has helped the Jamaican Coffee industry.



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